Instantly jot down note
without the need to open any app!


If you want other languages keyboard:

Supporting other languages is in our plan. Which language you need? please submit your interested language, as we will give priority to the languages with more requests.

In which folder/notebook notes are saved on the Dropbox/Evernote?

Dropbox: \Apps\Neato
Evernote: General notebook

How can I add Neato's widget to the Notification Center?

1- Swipe down the Notification Center from the top of the screen.
2- Tap on Edit button at the end of the Notification Center
3- In the opened list, press + button, beside Neato
4- Tap on Done button at the right-top of the Notification Center.

If you wanna know why we don't use third party keyboards or native keyboard:

Apple doesn't let apps to use native or third party keyboard in the Notification Center though we build the keyboard from the scratch.

If you have other questions:

Send an email to