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Your positive feedback shows the problem that Neato solves is such a big pain.

Neato reached Top10 in 65 countries during the first 10 days on the App Store.

We were expecting Neato to be featured by Apple, but instead Apple called us on Nov 10th, and said that: "You must remove the keyboard from the widget, Or within 2 weeks your app will be removed from sale."

But Neato without the keyboard is nothing, and like a limp horse. We try to convince Apple. We do our best to find the best solution.

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Memories Fade Fast
Take Note Faster

Instantly jot down note
without the need to open any app!

Take Note Faster

Make the most of iOS8 widgets and take notes as fast as possible.

No pen, no paper and no need to open any app!

  1. Pull down Notification Center
  2. Type

There is no way faster than Neato to take note!

Jot Down On Any App

As you jot down on any scrap of paper, jot down on any app!

Neato is always available in Notification Center to help you store any piece of information which comes to your mind; a book name, restaurant address, todo, quote, and any brilliant idea etc.

Save or Send Notes Instantly

Neato has integrated with Dropbox and Evernote.
With a tap save your notes on your Dropbox or Evernote immediately.

Also You can mail, text or tweet your notes instantly.